Entry #1

Yeah I'm still around.

2007-08-22 20:55:37 by TheNakedNinja

Sure very few (if any) remember who the hell I am. I'm that kid that gets no notice in the art contests and made one front page submission, but hey I havn't used the site actively in over a year.

To recap, I've been creating a little 2d online game based around Dragonball Z (yeah some people still like it) and recently picked up working on a Halloween episode of Meteorhigh that I dreamed up last year around this time, but hopefully it'll be ready by this year.

So look out for it, and I'll try to keep active around here. If things look good I might even take a little trip down to the Newgrounds Office sometime soon, me and a friend planned on driving to Philly for a cheesesteak from Upstate NY, anyone know where to get a good one?


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2007-09-12 20:32:21

why did you tell me to go away?


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